300 mile Winners.

High Desert Boys  and  Jenkins Racing

Main Race 300 miles:  March 18, 2017 to be flown from Benton CA



Temecula California

200 Mile Race is on March 10, 2017.

Prize Money:

                        Welcome to the Wine Country International Challenge hosted by Craig Coutts! 

  We will have 2 races in 2017.  We will be accepting birds between May 02, 2016 - Aug 15, 2016. As well as the main race we will be having a   car race 2 weeks before the main race to be flown from Olancha CA.  All the race birds will be vaccinated with Pox, PMV and will be chipped on arrival.  The Benzing clock will be used and we will feature live clocking through Wincompanion.  

Main Race:  $150,000.00

Car Race : $50,000.00 *** Cash equivalent option available for car*** 

** 15% retained for expenses from both races. Based on 500 birds going to both races**